3100 Series
D-Sub Plastic and Metalized Plastic Hoods
V-Shape W/ Short Flange

Plastic Shield: Grey Thermoplastic; rated UL94V-0
Metalized Plastic Shield: Thermoplastic; plated nickel over copper; rated UL94V-O
4-40 Fillister Head Screws and Hex Nuts: Steel; nickel plated
4-40 Mounting screws (Thumbscrews): Steel: nickel plated


Ordering Part Number
3100 - [] [] []
Series Number Type of Screws Shell Size Shell Plating

0: 4-40 Mounting screws
1: 4-40 Thumbscrews (no slut)
Use S018, S018-1 S018-2-01
 if need slot thumbscrew
1: 9 Pos. (ID: 7.00mm)
2: 15 Pos. (ID: 9.80mm)
5: 25 Pos. (ID: 10.88mm)
6: 37 Pos. (ID: 13.75mm)
Blank: Grey Color
: Black Color

Note :  C: Metalized Thermoplastic (Phased out)  By Rohs