General Product Information

ISO 9002 Certificated #CNS12682
VDE #5923 UG File #20288-4790-1001
U/L #E162455, #E132291
CSA #LR-94924-1
Application Note

How to select SAS Zinc Oxide Varistor:

1.To identify the source of surge, measure the surge current and Transient energy from circuit.

2. Check The Clamping Voltage of Varistor > Real clamping voltage from circuit.

3.Checking the ZOV Varistor Withstanding Surge Current and cycle time is sufficient for protection. Select the max. allowable Voltage of Varistor by power input.

Part Number Coding:

MOV aaa KD bb - c- d




Varistor Voltage

Disc Dia.: 05, 07, 09(Japan Only),10, 14, 18, 20 [e.g. 05 = 5mm]

Lead Form: Blank = Straight Lead, K = Kinked Lead, O = No Lead

Packing: Blank = Bulk, T = Taping, A = Ammo Pack

General Characteristic:

Storage Temperature: -55C to + 125C
Operation Surface Temperature: 125C
Operation Ambient Temperature: -55C to +85C (Without derating)
Max. Voltage Temperature Coefficient: < -0.01% / C
Insulation Resistance: 1000 Megohm min.
Hi-Pot: 2500 Vdc (Lead to Case)
Typical response Time: < 15n Sec.
Epoxy Rating: 94V-0 Blue color.
Current / Energy derating: -2.5% / C
DC Leakage Current: 200uA max. @ Vdc
Solderability: MIL-STD-202F

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