2520 Series
0.078" Center Terminal Housing

Contact: Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating: Gold over 0.000100" Nickel Underplating
Insulator: PBT & 30% glass fiber reinforced thermo plastic; rated UL94V-O
Insulator Color: Black
Mating Connector: 2524, 2522, 2523, 2525 Series

Current Rating: 3 Amp Max.
Contact Resistance: 10 Milliohms. Max.
Insulation Resistance: 500 Megohms Min. DC 500V
Dielectric Strength: 1500V AC
Operation Temperature: -25oC to +105oC

Ordering Part Number
2520 - [] X [][]
Series Number Number of Rows Number of Positions per Row

1: Single Row
2: Dual Row
[ 1 thru 40 pins ]
Plug Key Part Number: 2520-KB (Black Color)
                            2520-KW (White Color)
Quantity: 10,000 pcs / Bag
Contact Part Number: 2520-10G

Single Row

Dual Row