Finally! You can enjoy the cost savings of flat cable termination with the design flexibility of round cable.


Advantages of Round to Flat Cable Assemblies
Easy indirect pinning or cross-pinning.

Ribbon Cable is extremely difficult to separate and reroute wires, especially when they have only 10 primary colors in the entire cable.

Design using multi-pair or multi-conductor cables with foil, drain or braid.

Most "Twist-N-Flat" ribbon cable is not available with foil, drain, braid and outer jacket.

Improved air flow through your chassis.

Much better air flow in tight areas (ex. 50 conductor ribbon cable is 2.5" wide while standard 50 conductor cable is only .40" outside diameter - an 84% size reduction).

Complete routing flexibility.

Ribbon cable is flexible in only one direction. Any direction change requires the cable to be folded, causing stress, fatigue and damage to copper conductors.

Specify overall lengths to +/- .125."

With Round to Flat point to point pin outs can be tightly specified, whereas "Twist-N-Flat" cable and prelaminated cables have flat portions at designated intervals. Designers are left with an unwieldy mass of extra cable.

Cable Jacket Colors matched to frame colors.

Not available in most flat cables.

Place multiple connectors where you want them.

With "Twist-N-Flat" and prelaminated cables you must place additional connectors only in available flat areas. With Round to Flat, you can place additional connectors exactly where you need them.

No additional strain reliefs required.

With Round to Flat, a special laminated area outside the connector serves as the strain relief.

Easier bundling and cable harness routing.

Ribbon cables are virtually impossible to route cleanly through frames and chassises.


1. Breakouts can be made anywhere along cable.
2. Cross pinning is a snap! 3. Another example of breakouts where YOU want them.
4. We can also make transition cables. 5. Imagine trying to bend a conventional ribbon cable like this.
6. We can mold a connector at one end and an IDC connector on the other. 7. Sometimes a cable needs to be bend just slightly. With a simple flat cable assembly, the conductors would be crimped slightly and airflow would be greatly reduced.
8. Round to flat cable assemblies allow much better air flow. 9. With round to flat technology you can color code your wiring the way YOU want it.

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