3018S / (Include 3028 Series old PN)
D-Sub PCB High Profile, Stamp Contact

Shell: Steel w/ Tin Plated (optional Zinc plating)
Contact: Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating:
Selected Gold

Solder Tail Plating: Tin
Contact Underplating: Nickel
Insulation: PBT & 30% glass fiber reinforced thermo plastic: UL94V-O

Color: Black
RoHS compliance


Contact Current Rating: 5 Amp
Contact resistance: 10 Miliohms Max.
Insulation Resistance: 1000 Megohms @ 1000V AC
Dielectric Withstanding: 1000V AC min. rms
Operation Temperature: -55oC to +105oC


Ordering Part Number

3018S -





- []

Series Number


Number of Positions

Contact Plating

Contact Length


Stamped Pin

0: Plug.
1: Socket

1: 9 Pos.
2: 15 Pos.
5: 25 Pos.
6: 37 Pos.
7: 50 Pos.

Blank: Gold fLASH
F: 10u" Gold (MOQ)
E: 15u" Gold (MOQ)
D: 30u" Gold (MOQ)

Blank: 3.0mm
4: 4.8mm (MOQ)
6: 16.5mm (MOQ)

Blank: 3mm Hole
2N: 4mm #440 Open Hex Nut Rear.
2NA: 6mm #440 Open Hex Nut Front.
2NB: 6mm #440 Closed Hex Nut Front.
4ND: 11mm #440 Stand Off.

Mechanical Specification and Mounting Option: