2544 Series
0.100" / 2.54mm Ctr Un-shrouded Header Strip; Single Row

Surface Mount available : 2544-SMT


Contact: Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating: Gold or Tin over 0.000100" Nickel Underplating
Insulator: PA9T High Temperature HB grade 257C
Insulator Color: Black
Mini Jumper: 2546 Series

Current Rating: 3 Amp Max.
Contact Resistance: 20 Milliohms. Max.
Insulation Resistance: 5000 Megohms Min. DC 500V
Dielectric Strength: 1000V AC
Operation Temperature: -55oC to +257oC



Ordering Part Number

2544 -

1 X

- [][]



- [][]

Series Number

Number of Rows

Number of Positions

Contact Plating



2544: Version I   [ 2 thru 40 pins ] T: 150u" Tin
G: Gold Flash
GT: Selected Gold Flash
F: 10u" Gold
FT : 10u" Selected Gold
E: 15u" Gold
ET: 15u" Selected Gold
D: 30u" Gold
DT: 30u" Selected Gold
Blank: PA9T High Temperature
HB grade 257C

Specify A, B, C
If length is not same to standard.
13.6: A:13.6, B:3.0, C:8.10mm

General 1 row outline.


Dimensions (mm) +/- 0.4mm


[ 2.54 x No. of Pos. ] - 2.54


2.54 x No. of Pos.